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The virtual world of "The Journey II" is full of interesting characters that you will get to know:

Detective The detective (you)
You live in your small detective bureau. Your father was a detective as well, and since you were a child you always dreamed of getting as successful as he was. Well, now you're still sitting around in your bureau, without money or luck.
Sophie Sophie
She's the woman that saved your life by entering your bureau in exactly the right moment at the end of "The Journey I". You instantly fell in love with her, but knowing that you never had any luck with women, you doubt that she could feel the same for you. But you have nothing to loose.
Sophie's Sister Sophie's sister
She used to be as happy as Sophie, but lately she has become strange. Nearly all the time she's not at home and dresses in a way that doesn't fit her at all.
Mark Mark
You both have been in the same class at school. When you told him about your plans to get a detective, he always said that you should forget that and do something proper. The problem is, it seems like he was right. Now Mark is working at the local police office, earns a lot of money and is happy with his family. And you... Well...
Barmaid Barmaid
When you are honest, she's the only woman you really know. For countless nights you have been sitting in her bar, drinking one glass of Whiskey after another. She always had an open ear for your problems.
Bad guy The bad guy
Currently not much is known about him...

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