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The Journey - Part I and II

The Journey - Part I and II After playing The Journey I, a lot of people sent us their feedback about what they liked, as well as suggestions on how to improve it. We listened to all of them and these are now "The Journey II":

  • The game is too short!
    Part I was made as a demonstration of the possibilities of location based adventures, and was therefore rather short. In "The Journey II", you can discover more than 600 text blocks, consisting of about 15,000 words.
  • Make it interactive!
    Sure! In "The Journey II" you can now choose what to do and where to go next. Using an intuitive, menu based interface, you can examine over 100 objects, use them, talk to persons or combine them. And if you think you might find something in another area - just go there, whenever you want!
  • Sounds would be cool!
    Each room does now have its individual sound so that you know when you have reached a new area. Even more, you can activate the keylock from within the application and have the background light stay on all the time.
  • Improve the graphics!
    We found a great graphics artist, Manuela Waldner. She did all the 60 story pictures for the new game, and they look much better than before!

Of course there is always something that can be improved. If you have any suggestions for a third part, don't hesitate to contact us!

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The Journey II