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The Journey II - Features A summary of the most important features of the game - or in short, why you should not miss it:

  • Location based
    "The Journey II" is the world's first location based mobile adventure. Its concept involves you in the gameplay in a way you have never seen before and finally makes games worthy of mobile phones.
  • Long playing time
    With more than 600 blocks of text and about 15,000 words, the game text would almost fill a small book.
  • A whole world to discover
    You are in control of the actions. To solve the case, you have to interact with more than 100 objects!
  • Play it anytime you want
    With its short startup time, you can play it anytime you want, and when you resume the game, you will start exactly where you have left before.
  • Comfort features
    We analyzed how users played the game and optimized it to be as comfortable to use as possible. Examples? Select objects and actions directly with the number keys. Choose the text scroll type that you like most. When moving to another area, activate the keylock and be notified by the individual room sound when you reach your target.

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The Journey II