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How does it work?

The Journey - How does it work? The location tracking used by "The Journey" is fast and - most importantly - free. Read the following description if you are interested in how the game does all that:

Your mobile phone is always connected to a GSM mast of your network operator. Each of those has its own unique ID. If you move, another mast will sooner or later have the strongest signal. How far you have to go until this happens depends on where you play the game; in big cities this can be only a few meters, in the countryside up to a few hundred meters.

It is possible to retrieve the ID of the nearest mast, and "The Journey" is the first game to use this information in an innovative way. It does not really know where you are, but it will recognize when you move, and also when you come back to where you have previously been. And this is all that's required to build a fascinating virtual world that's part of your real surroundings!

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