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September 9th, 2011 - Finally, players using Symbian Touchscreen smartphones scan experience how the story of "The Journey I" continues: "The Journey II" is available in the Nokia Store! Search for the game now on your Nokia smartphone, or check out the game on your PC on the Nokia Store website.

To avoid confusion, we have removed the legacy version for old Series 60 and UIQ devices from the website.

September 4th, 2011 - Around 1.5 million people have already lived through the beginning of the enthralling detective story of the first part of the location-based adventure game saga. Now, the successor has finally been adapted for the latest Symbian Touch-Smartphones of Nokia. All the in-game graphics have been adapted for current, brilliant high resolution screens. Through this, it's now finally possible to experience the birth of location based adventure games (first release in 2004) in an up-to-date environment. "The Journey II" will soon be available in the Ovi Store!

June 7th, 2011 - A new release of "The Journey I" is now available in the Ovi Store. The update to v1.40 is only relevant for touchscreen devices and features a new icon following the style of Symbian Anna, plus minor bugfixes with regards to menu handling. For non-touch devices, version 1.33 (S60 3rd and 5th Edition) / 1.13 (Series 60 1st and 2nd Edition) are still available.

July 29th, 2009 - Starting with today, version 1.33 of "The Journey" is available for S60 3rd and 5th Edition devices. It removes the compatibility warning during installation on 5th Edition devices that was shown with the previous release. Additionally, a short introductionary text explains the general game concept when first starting the game. Plus: the ingame text of the German and English version has been slightly improved. You can download the new Symbian Signed version plus the source code from the download section or search for the game on the Ovi Store.

April 22nd, 2009 - To make the game compatible to the touch screen phones based on S60 5th Edition, "The Journey" has been updated to v1.32. The new release combines support for both touch and non-touch phones. The game is Symbian Signed and can therefore be installed on all compatible phones. As usual, the updated source code is available for free download (licensed under GPL v3).

To download "The Journey", either head over to the download section or search for the game on the Ovi Store.

August 24th, 2007 - "The Journey" is now officially available for S60 3rd Edition phones! The signing process is finally completed and you can now download the Symbian Signed version of "The Journey" (v1.21).

The source code project of the game has been updated to Carbide.c++ 1.2, so it's now possible to compile the multi-language version of the game through the IDE. The previous version of "The Journey" for S60 1st and 2nd Edition phones (v1.13) is still available.

August 2nd, 2007 - Numerous requests have been sent to us, asking to port "The Journey" (which has as of now been downloaded more than 70,000 times) to the new version of Symbian OS and S60 so that it can run on the latest mobile devices.

The good news is that we can now publically announce that the porting process of the game is already nearly finished! Even better than that, it's more than a simple port; many parts of the game have been rewritten and it also features better graphics. Finally, the best thing is that it will not only be released as Freeware, but also as an Open Source-application (again). The new version of the game will go public after it passes the Symbian Signed tests, which are now required to get the location information - so stay tuned!

June 18th, 2006 - The next location based entertainment application made by Andreas Jakl is getting ready! RealReplay brings thrilling real-life race competitions directly to your mobile phone. Using a GPS receiver, you can not only record your own virtual race tracks in your real surroundings, but also compete against replays of races previously recorded by other players!

Get more information about the exciting new project at its official homepage: realreplay.andreasjakl.com. The final and free (!) release of the game will follow very soon...

November 3rd, 2005 - The mobile game "The Journey II" is nominated for the German Developer Award 2005 ("Deutscher Entwicklerpreis"). A public voting has been set up as well, for example at GameStar.

July 14th, 2005 - "The Journey"-series is getting a synonym for location based gaming. As of now, both parts have been downloaded more than 25,000 times. Most likely this makes them the most widely-spread location based game that exists - thanks to the game not requiring any special equipment (like GPS receivers) and the efficient, but invisible and cost-free location tracking.
Some examples of recent media coverage:

May 21st, 2005 - "The Journey II" is a complex adventure and the life of a detective isn't always too easy. Should you get stuck somewhere in your investigations, you can now find some clues in the complete walkthrough.

May 20th, 2005 - Tapaga is a site that's specialized on telling the average mobile phone user about the real power they have in their hand when they own a Symbian OS smartphone. Now, they have included both "The Journey"-games in their directory, along with a special feature: In a short interview with Andreas Jakl, the reader will find answers to many interesting questions about the company, our games and - of course - the future!

April 28th, 2005 - The game "The Journey II" is the current game tip of the radio station You FM. An article on their website provides a good summary of the new and innovative aspects that make the game something special. The whole (German) article can be read here, we have translated the conclusion:

[...] for 7 Euros you can get an adventure game that boosts your physical fitness, but also has a lot of depth and was made using fascinating technology. Is there still someone left who claims that players don't get any excercise?

April 11th, 2005 - The game will once again be featured at one of the world's most important exhibitions. At this year's MipTV/Milia show, visitors will be able to take a look at the game and speak to the company behind it. The game will also be presented in a special conference about new media talents, with representatives from ATI, Nokia, Orange and others attending as speakers.

March 23rd, 2005 - It has already been available for some time through this site - now the UIQ version of "The Journey II" is finally official. It works on the SonyEricsson P800/900/910i phones, the Benq P30 should be compatible as well. Unfortunately the Motorola A1000 does not provide the location information, therefore the game does not work on this phone. Download the game for your UIQ phone now!

March 23rd, 2005 - The Series 60 and UIQ versions of "The Journey II" have now been updated to v1.04. The graphics have been further optimized, leaving room to allow both languages (English and German) to be combined into one installation file.

February 28th, 2005 - Get more information about "The Journey" at the the world's leading event for information technology, the CeBit 2005 in Hannover. During the time from the 10th to the 16th of March, a demonstration movie and some information will be shown at the Top Talent Award (TTA) booth.

February 14th, 2005 - The gala of the official Series 60 Challenge was held in one of the finest hotels of the Côte d'Azur - Hotel Negresco. It was a great event, with people from the most important mobile phone companies all around. They took the chance to take a look at "The Journey II", which was awarded with the second place. With more than 140 registered products in total, this is a great achievement for the young and ambitious company Mopius.

The Journey featured in the SFT magazineFebruary 6th, 2005 - The latest issue (3/05) of the German magazine SFT (covering games, movies and technology) comes with the full version of "The Journey" and the demo of "The Journey II" on their Cover-DVD. The magazine is a new entertainment publication by one of Germany's biggest publishing companies, Computec Media AG. In their magazine, the game is listed in a box featuring two "Software Highlights", with the following (translated) description:

In the game (amongst others it runs on Panasonic and Nokia phones) you have to solve a mysterious case in the role of a detective. Pilot your character through numerous locations and a story worthy of a novel. - Thrilling mystery adventure with an absorbing plot.

January 17th, 2005 - "The Journey II" has been selected as one of the three finalists in the gaming category of the official Series 60 Challenge! Sponsored by Nokia, Sendo, Siemens and Symbian, it is the biggest and most important contest for mobile Series 60 applications. The overall category winners will be announced on February 12th in Nice, France.

January 14th, 2005 - The games "The Journey I + II" managed to get accepted into the extensive software directory of the German publishing house Heise. It publishes some of Germany's most renowned magazines of information technology, c't and iX. The location based adventures are actually even the first mobile games in the directory, which contains short descriptions of several thousand applications.

January 13th, 2005 - The online magazine s60.at has released an article about "The Journey II". Again, the game managed to impress the reviewer. Read the full text at s60.at, a short snip of their conclusion:

[...] a masterstroke of the Austrian programmers!

January 3rd, 2005 - A small update has been released (v1.01) that fixes some problems with the font size on the Nokia 7610. The savegame, settings and activation codes are compatible with the previous (initial) version, so the old version can be directly replaced by the updated version without losing any information. If you have a registered version of the game on your phone and install the new version on top of it, your registration will stay active and you don't have to do anything else. Download the game.

January 1st, 2005 - The well-known site aikon.ch (German) has reviewed "The Journey II". Their conclusion:

Amazing game with an amazing concept.

December 29th, 2004 - One of the biggest and most important sites concerning mobile gaming has now reviewed "The Journey II". With an excellent rating of 8 (out of 10) points, the game managed to find its place amongst the best mobile games. You can read the full article at Mobile Gamer | Midlet Review, some short quotes of the review can be found below:

"The visuals are from the digital canvas of a really good artist. Whoever was in charge of the graphics on the development team deserves a pat on the back, because the game, while composed of static images, looks really good."

"Playing around with The Journey II’s interface gives me some hope for the future of mobile adventure gaming."

"The gameplay is very deep and very challenging. Storywise, The Journey II has a very exciting story that you’ll be enticed to follow up till the very end. It is like reading one of those New York Times best selling mystery novels."

"If you’re into a brain twisting adventure game with a classy plot that will also help you get in some much needed physical exercise, then look no further because The Journey II is your game."

December 28th, 2004 - "The Journey II" has been chosen as the new "Application of the Week" of the official Series60.com-site. The Series60.com "Application of the Week" concept presents the most innovative applications running on Series 60 devices from the industry leading mobile developers around the world. Read more about it here!

December 23rd, 2004 - Following an invitation by Ars Media, "The Journey" was presented live in Turin, Italy on the 22nd and 23rd of December as a part of the "ToDig.it"-initiative. After a general discussion about new media and the game in the Atrium, a new and fascinating building in the center of the city, the game was presented in "The Beach", a well-known club in the city. On the next day, students of a media university were given the opportunity to ask questions about how the project was realized and what helped it to reach more than 10,000 downloads.

November 27th, 2004 - "The Journey II" received an award at the "Mobile Fun Awards 2004"! The game was selected as the winner of the category "most innovative mobile game". You can read the full story by following this link to the official, Italian contest-page.

November 12th, 2004 - Mobile-Boards.net has written the first review of "The Journey II" - and it got away with 18 out of 20 points! The review is in German and can be found here, we have translated a short snippet:

You will not be able to play through "The Journey II" in one or two evenings, the game is simply too large. If you have enough patience, you will soon no longer be able to lay the game down, as it quickly absorbs you with its thrilling story. In my opinion the game is an absolute hit with endless possibilities and a well thought-out story.

November 10th, 2004 - Now you can also download "The Journey II" from several mobile game distribution sites. Click here for more information and links!

November 8th, 2004 - After the enormous success of "The Journey", which was downloaded more than 10,000 times, received several awards and was featured on TV, the successor is finally finished.

While part one was made to demonstrate the innovative location based adventure concept, "The Journey II" takes this concept to maturity. It adds a whole virtual world with full interactivity and lets the player decide what to do next and where to go next.

Now there is no excuse to still sit around somewhere while playing mobile games, it's time you get active! The new game will give you plenty of room for that. During several hours of playing time, you will have to follow many clues to uncover the truth about the exciting and dangerous happenings.

October 20th, 2004 - The official site of "The Journey II" is now available at journey2.andreasjakl.com and will inform you about all news concerning the game, which was produced by Andreas Jakl! The whole site is available in English and in German.

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