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Complete Walkthrough

The following walkthrough is a short summary of the most important actions that you have to do in order to complete the game. You should only use this as a reference if you are stuck - playing the game based on these instructions will take away all the fun and will make you miss a large part of the game.

The story is structured in a way so that you can experience the location based aspect of the game right at the beginning. The farther you progress in the game, the more complex and difficult the tasks that you have to solve will get.


Detective Bureau (Area #1)

Detective Bureau

You start in the detective bureau, having just returned from your usual walk. Looking at the answer machine, you see that a new message is waiting for you. You listen to the message and hear the voice of Sophie, reminding her about the rendezvous. Sophie is the beautiful woman who saved your life in "The Journey I" (read the newspaper to find more about what happened in part 1). You grab the cross pendant and run to the bar.


Go to the Bar (Area #2)


You reach the bar, breathless. When you pass the barmaid, you spend a short moment asking her about how long Sophie has already been waiting for you - luckily her answer is that she also has just arrived. The barmaid reminds you that you have forgotten a key after your last, long and lonely night in the bar. She puts it on the table; you thank her and put it in your pocket.

Next, you sit down next to Sophie. She tells you about the strange behaviour of her sister. Sophie followed her before she went to the bar and saw that her sister went into an office building of a company called "BioTech". Well, it's not the kind of rendezvous you had been hoping for, but you promise her to take a look at the building. You tell Sophie to wait in the bar, as she wouldn't be safe if she came with you. It could get dangerous, so you better get your pistol before you check out the "BioTech" building.


Go to the Detective Bureau (Area #1)

Detective Bureau

You unlock the drawer with the small key and take the items you regularly need on your adventures: your old torch, the revolver and the lock pick.


Go to the Company Building (Area #3)


As a seasoned detective, you spot the small hidden door in the shadow of the trees. With the old lock pick you manage to open the door.


You hear steps coming towards you; therefore, you should hide as fast as possible. You can either choose the second door *or* the third door. Depending on your choice you will get to a different room.

Broom closet / Toilet

You have to try to find a way out. Take a look at the air duct - if you can remove the cover, it might be what you are searching for. Now, take a look at the shelf *or* the toilet. You’ll find a test tube (with some strange green liquid inside). Take it and use the revolver to shatter the test tube. Now, unscrew the air duct cover with the shards of the broken test tube. After you’re finished, climb into the air duct.


The room is too dark, so you will have to switch on the torch to see something. Examine the desk and open the drawer. Take a closer look at the contents of the drawer. You’ll find a remote control. However, it doesn’t seem to have any batteries. Put the batteries of your torch into the remote control. It gets dark again, but at least you can press the button of the remote control. Next, put the batteries back to the torch and switch it on again.

Pressing the remote control moved a picture and revealed a secret safe. Take a look at it to see what’s inside. You don’t want to steal the money, but on one of the bank notes you find a telephone number. You decide to call it. You can either do that in the office *or* you can go back to your own detective bureau and use your own telephone. A mysterious voice seems to know everything about you and just tells you that you’re too late. Has something happened to Sophie?


Go to the Bar (Area #2)


Sophie is gone. Talk to the barmaid. She informs you that some men took her with them and drove away with a black car. You take a look at the table where she sat and notice the beer mat. Sophie has written a number on it - having chosen a table next to the window, she maybe feared that something bad would happen and saw the licence number of the car. You take the beer mat and drive back to your detective bureau to call Mark, your old friend from the police.


Go to Detective Bureau (area #1)

Detective Bureau

Call Mark. He agrees to help you once again, even though he wouldn’t be allowed to do so. He manages to find out that the car is registered to a brawny man called "Sir Vincent", who lives in a castle outside the city. You don’t hesitate and decide to drive there.


Go to castle (area #4)


You arrive at the entrance door of the castle. Looking at the guard house, its steel door and the small window, you find out that nobody is here. You take a look around to find another way to get into the castle. You notice a small tool shed and open its door. Take the water hose that’s inside and attach it to the faucet.

While doing that you notice a pipe that seems to be loose. Pull it twice to break it and use it to shatter the small window of the guard house. This doesn’t help you to get inside, but now you can attach the other end of the water hose to the small window. Use the faucet to let the water run. Instantly, you hear the small explosion of a short circuit from inside the guard house.

The high tech door locking mechanism has failed and allows you to open the steel door. A surveillance monitor shows an area of the castle, nothing happens. Use the monitor switch twice and take a look at the monitor again. Now you see some hooded men who are carrying Sophie into a room. You have no time to loose. Use the gate switch to open the door. To get a chance to get into the castle, you also push the alarm button to cause some chaos. Quickly run through the gate.

Castle Entrance

You hide behind a tree. When looking at the entrance door, you see two hooded people walking out of the castle - searching for the cause of the alarm and guarding the entrance. To distract them from the entrance, you throw your heavy metal lock pick into the pond. They hear the sound and walk there. You wait for the right moment until they look away and run to the castle entrance door and further inside.


Go to the Castle Cellar (Area #5)

Castle Corridor

Finally you arrive in a corridor of the castle cellar which looks like the one from the surveillance monitors. Look at all the doors to find the one where they have brought Sophie to. Open the door. You will be knocked down from behind.

Castle Kitchen

When you wake up you find yourself tied up on a stone table, in the same room where Sophie is. Examine the stone table to find out that it has rather sharp edges. Use the rope with the stone table to free yourself. Take a look at the small table that’s in a corner of the room and take the cross pendant that you wanted to give to Sophie (you don’t want her to see it). Now, free Sophie from her rope, take her rope and talk to her. You agree that you will have to find a way out somehow.

Take the rest of the items you were carrying with you; the hooded men have put them on the small table as well. Only the pistol is missing. The service lift seems to be the only way out of the room, except the heavily guarded door. You get an idea, so examine the service lift more closely. Your plan is to get both of you inside the service lift and go upwards (you would neither want to leave her alone in the room nor to send her up alone). Smash the light barrier lamp with your pipe so that it doesn’t go up without you in it. Ask Sophie to get into the lift. Push the button of the lift control to order it to go upwards. Now, get into the lift yourself and use the torch with the light barrier receiver to make it go upwards. You see hooded men coming into the room - that was close!

Dining Room

You arrive in a dining room. Fortunately, nobody is inside. Take a look at the big, wooden table and take the candlestick and the matchbox. Remove the candles from the candlestick and throw the latter one through the window. Now you’ve got a way to get out - climb through the window.

Behind the Castle

You should run away and hide somewhere.


Go to the Woods (Area #6)


Talk to Sophie (play the game to know what she has to say to you...). It’s quite dark here, so use the matchbox to light the candle. You see a small cave. You enter it, only to find out that there is nothing special inside. Actually, it would be a trap for yourself and you would not be able to flee from your pursuers. You will somehow have to set up a trap.

Try to climb up the tree. You fail, but a branch will break and fall down. Take it - you can use this as a weapon. To lure your pursuers into your trap, put the candle into the cave, so that light is coming out of it. Talk to Sophie about your plan to overwhelm them and hide behind the bush.

After a few minutes, two hooded men who were following you arrive near the cave. You closely follow what they are doing. They notice the light coming out of the cave and decide to check it out. Now is your chance to overwhelm them - give Sophie the sign you agreed on and use the branch to knock them down.

Take a closer look at the hooded men and examine them. They seem to be members of some sect. Talk to Sophie about what to do next. She reminds you that her sister is in the hands of this sect and that you should try to get her out of this before it’s too late! Your plan is to go back to the castle, disguised as sect members.

Remove the capes from the bodies and use the rope to tie them up. Now, take the capes.


Go to Castle (Area #4)

Castle Entrance

A brawny man seems to be waiting for the two sect members to return. He notices that they/you were not successful and orders you to go down to the ritual room as there is not much time left until the ritual has to start. Open the castle entrance door and follow the man.


Go to Castle Cellar (area #5)

Ritual Chamber

You’re in a ritual chamber. Take a look at all the hooded men who are standing round a pentagram. One of them seems to be Sophie’s sister, as she is smaller than all the others. Take a closer look at her. Also take a quick glance at the altar in the middle of the room. Everyone seems to be waiting, so approach the brawny man.

The ritual starts and everyone begins to chant. After some time, everyone looks at you and you get some special instructions. It seems like the order member you are impersonating had a special role in the ritual. You go to the altar and take the mug with the slimy green liquid inside. Pour the contents of the mug into the bowl. You will have to do something to stop all the evil; however you will not stand a chance in a fight against all those order members. You remember the small silver cross pendant that you wanted to give to Sophie. It might help against the evil, so you slip it into the bowl with a small movement of your hand, and step back.

The ritual continues and a demon is summoned. He takes the bowl and drinks the liquid. It seems like this gives him even more power and you fear that your desperate plan doesn’t work. But then, a small crack forms on his stomach and spreads over his whole body; his roar sounds more and more painful - instead of mighty. With a huge explosion the existence of the demon ends and puts the room into chaos.

This is your chance to flee! You talk to Sophie and to her sister. She is slowly waking up from some kind of trance. You take her with you. Now you have to get out as fast as possible, before anyone notices you!


Go to Bar (Area #2)


When you reach the bar, you see several police cars in front of it. You enter the bar and see Mark talking to the barmaid. He feared that something would go wrong if you were involved and decided to search for you. Glad to see you back - and alive - he takes over the case and recommends you to rest, as both Sophie and you look quite tired.


Go to Detective Bureau (Area #1)

Detective Bureau

Talk to Sophie...



We hope that you had fun playing "The Journey II". If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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