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The full version of "The Journey II" for Symbian touch smartphones is available at the Nokia Store.

Download The Journey II at the Nokia Store


Buy the game (Series 60 / UIQ)

Please note that this section is only applicable to the older Series 60 / UIQ phones. If you have a Symbian Touch device, registration is not necessary and you can purchase the full version from the Ovi / Nokia Store. Please see the download page for more information on supported device models.

You can download and try the game for free - it does already include up to several hours of entertainment! To experience the second, even bigger, complex and dangerous part of the game, you will have to buy the full version for Symbian at the Nokia Store / your personal activation code for Series 60 and UIQ.

A short outline of why you should not miss playing the full game:

  • Uncover the mystery!
    We don't want to give anything away yet - but a lot of things will happen in the story after the unregistered version ends. Not only will your own life be in danger, but you will also finally meet the woman of your dreams again!
  • More depth and more complex puzzles
    The game was designed in a way so that at the beginning the location based exploration is in the foreground. The farther you get in the game, the more important are the adventure elements. The areas in which you will investigate in the full version of "The Journey II" will be a bigger challenge and - more fun!
  • Long playing time
    "The Journey II" is a large game. The unregistered version will only let you play about one third of the full game. There is a lot to experience!

Currently you can only order the game if you have an account at PayPal, who take care of a secure and easy transaction of your money. They accept all major credit cards and bank accounts.

Please choose the currency which is the most convenient for you (the price is the same for both available currencies). PayPal will accept your payment no matter which currency your country uses!

Please try the game before registering - it's free!
EUR 1,00
USD 1,50

After your purchase is complete, you will automatically get an email from us. There you will find login details to our registration manager, where you can instantly get your personal activation code. This means that the whole payment process will be finished in just a few minutes! The activation code is specific to one phone, however it works for both the English and the German version. Find more information about the registration process at the Registration FAQ.


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