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Register - Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers the most common questions you might have about registering "The Journey II". If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us!

  1. Do I need to register the version for Symbian Touch devices as well?
  2. I have not received the email with login details to the registration manager.
  3. I have lost my activation code. How to retrieve it again?
  4. I have lost the login to the registration manager.
  5. Is the activation code specific to one phone?
  6. I have switched to a new mobile phone. Is it possible to get a new activation code for free?
  7. Is the demo the same as the full version?
  8. If the demo works on my phone, will I have problems with the full version?
  9. Do I get my money back if the game does not work on my mobile phone?
  10. Are updates free?
  11. Where can I get support?

Below are the answers to the questions:


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